HoverLeakedAccess is there any Windows OS Packaging Beta Collects. So HoverLeaked is Free. But you need to be HoverAccess.

Requirements of Contribution.

1.Before you can start join contribution of HoverAnimation. Read a rules before you can follow steps.

2.Make a video of VHS or DVD Openings, Grounded Series or Avatar videos.

3.Once you created videos. (Need create your own avatar)

4.Uploaded to YT, Go to google+, Type CalebAdminTheHoverAnimation in search bar. Before you should put comment in your link uploaded videos in My Pinned post.

5.Say Apply to me. Then I'll check.


1.You must No making Fake VHS with software. Only Camera can recording Opening your scanned Vhs and DVD.

2.Once you trying HoverAnimation, Follow requirements first. (Video tutorial is comming soon)

3.The word is not accept "Jail, Arrested, Trouble, Disappointed and Stealing"

4.The video does any accept exist. Not accept "Gets Arrested and Gets Execution" Only Accept videos.

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