The user on Wikia, known on YouTube as Ines, is an unknown user that appears to be Chinese. The user was known for hacking the VIDEOGAMECARTOONPOLICE Wiki and replacing content with "Hacked by" on all pages on the wiki.

The gang of the VGCP Wiki banned him for being a hacker that terrorized some VGCP members. Since the gang's backing up from being hacked, the "Home" page has a message that the founder edited the pages back to normal instead, instead of the official-known info that was on the wiki before hacking.

On YouTube, he's known as Hsu yinghisu. Because of his name, he appears to be Chinese, from an IP address not from China.

Since YouTube was blocked in China, it was maybe known that he lives in other country that is not China (example: Japan, Australia, Russia, North and South Korea, Russia and etc.).

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