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Jackhammer as Fredbot in the Frederator Studios logo

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Jackhammer in Goanimate Form!!!!!!!

Jackhammer is Tobakilacion's Transformer that was made by bobbyispoopy and he proved that Warren Cook and Other Grand Chase Members Jackhammer that capture High School Dropout of resistance, College Dropout of Resistance, Tobakilacion uses this thing to destroy anyone he hates, especially Sam Chen, Zack Toombs, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Double Bonus, etc. Optimus500050 formerly used this thing but he gave it up and hated it now and Tobakilacion took it from him

Warren Haters,Sam Haters,good user and destroying the world

He is a Decepticon that transforms into a red F-22 Raptor and Red F-15J  and Red Hemlock Wraithfighter to Combined 3 Into a Giant Red Robot Similiar to Aquarion Mecha. He is also the mascot in the Frederator Studios logo. He is also called Fredbot.

Jamiem's Robot Mech Pilot Suit on Fredbot!!!!!!!!00:53

Jamiem's Robot Mech Pilot Suit on Fredbot!!!!!!!!

Tobakilacion's Robot Mech Pilot Suit on Jackhammer!!!!!!!

3 Combined Red Jets Planes to Giant Red Robots!!

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