Jade Waterfalls's old avatar

'Jade Waterfall is a girl who come from Baltimore, Maryland. she joined goanimate since july 31, 2012 at age of 15. Jade start to her own grounded series instead of goanimate grounded series by using comedy world characters and other theme characters when she has goplus. without goplus she start to making stick figures grounded series. Jade is famous for her grounded series include b'ud'dy 'bunny, polly, Sabrina, sam and max, mack family, pyb, cheese. she also makes her own ungrounded series include cherry the sackboy, yummy. but sadly, Jade discontinued her pyb series even sam and max series. she likes making childlike/furries/girly/video 

Jade in real life. her hair used to be red since 2013. during new school year, she dyed her hair purple.

game/National/Foreign/goth/hipster/cute/ characters for her both grounded series and ungrounded series, sometimes, Jade makes human characters. she's famous for her character cherry the sackboy. jade occasionally feature and make users's avatars in her videos even watch grounded videos.  she's rarely use real life places for both grounded and ungrounded videos. jade befriended good users when she returned to GoAnimate in 2013.

Username: Jade Waterfall

Full Name: Trinity Gerdlin Hayes

Link to her Youtube account:

Link to her domo animate:

Link to her goanimate account:

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Nationally: African American

Birthday: March 2nd, 1997

Hair color: black(normal), red(2013-2014 in real life ) reddish purple(2014-present in real life), purple(goanimate life)

Eye color: Brown,dark blue(goanimate life)

Hometown: Baltimore, maryland

School: Digital harbor high school

Zodic Signs: Pisces

Good/bad side: Unknown(possibly good user)

Chinese Zodiac sign: Ox

Voice: Elizabeth/Salli/Julie/Tween Girl/Crystal/Emma/Misaki/Grace

Angry voice: Kalya and Grace

Crying voice: Kalya and Grace

Boyfriend: Eddie

GoAnimate younger sister: Zoey

Family: Mildred(mother)

Joann(older sister)

Jamie(little sister)

Roosevelt(older brother)



Favorite football teams: Ravens, falcons, giants

Likes: grounded videos, hangout place, roleplay, runescape(she finds this website fun since she was 12 in 2009), gaiaonline(she finds it friendly and fun since 2009), dc unverse online, meez(she finds meez and their games fun in 2010 but in 2012-2014 she rarely play meez because too much cyberbullying and rudeness towards new people even saying rude things about people's avatars like hers. she doesn't tolerate that.) , the sims, drawing, animating, tv shows, imvu(she finds imvu fun and friendly place forher to chat in 2013 but sadly, she closed her account because it bores her) , music, pikimins, runescape machima, music, movies, gameplay, WWE Smackdown vs Raw series(she finds this game very fun in 2006), WWE(she loved this show when she was little girl), Littlebig planet(she finds this game fun and active), TNA, WWE games, Thomas and friends, tennis, GoAnimate(she saw someone else's video on youtube when she was 15), grounded videos(she find them very experiencing that will strengthen her animation skills but at time, she prefer making ungrounded videos better), PS1, PS2, meeting new people, World 80 and other worlds( she thinks they have nice people on there), other things.

Neutral: PS3(she used to play PS3 in 2012 but in 2014, she stopped playing it due to cyberbullying and rudeness. she lost some of her friends's desire and trust due to her little sister annoying them and annoying things but she occasionally play this game anyways), panty and stocking(she thinks this show is too risque for her to watch, she didn't like risque anime tv shows much but prefer anime tv shows who are not risque better), stardoll(she used to like this website when she was 10 in 2007 but in 2011, she doesn't play this game anymore), .

Dislikes: Slow computers, zwinky(she used to like this site in 2010 but in 2013, she start to hate it due to people being very rude to her when she tried to talk to them), goanimate haters(due to them being very disrespectful to goanimators and calling them a derogatory names) , grounded video haters, Rude people, liars, people who gossiping about her, people who lied to her, people asking why she look like a boy(she thinks the question was rude that it will offend her), rude comments, homophobic people(when she read a article about LGBT people getting bullied in the school and getting killed and websites which cause her to hate homophobic people), sexism, sexist people, cyberbullies(she witnessed someone getting cyberbullied by people and defended him against those who bullying him), obnoxious people, frozen haters(she saw g puccio's video about killing the characters which cause her to develop a hatred of frozen haters) , my little pony haters(she saw someone else's comments about killing ponies), hackers, bullying(she finds it hurtful and unacceptale), people who being rude to her character cherry the sackboy(she hates it when people saying bad things to him which make him cry), people who being so rude to new people(it annoys her), world 3(due to too much cyberbullying and rudeness even inappropriate happens. people were bullying and insulting her in clan wars), bullying, people getting smart(means talk in the rude way such as whatever and "i don't give F" and other rude words.) with her when she was talking to them.

Friends: Carrotkiller101studio, NickComedian1997, Calebcomedian, Midknightcomedian2001, Amsally94, Zscriv, And Nintendofan20, Caroline0204, Ashercomedian2001, louielouie95, paultheninja203,  Pancakelover123456789, HeroesYesVillainsNo, PainlessPentagram,galaxylifefan64, StarWarsAndCODFan1999, ILoveCaroline0204, Dora rocks, warren cook, Captain American fan, Memy9909, Baxter, PlantsvsZombies9909, briancomedian2013 , My little pony friend, Sam chen, Taylor JoliCoeur, savoy2121, Eric Eripcson, Jack dawson, fluttergirl, princess matilda, Kristin konkle, SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY, KodyTheCartoonGuy, VenusComedian1995, Optimus500050, Alex Kimble, Tigrus879, Mitsuki GoAnimate Fan,  OptimusprimeYesMegatronNo,  KeybirdComedian Vevo, other Good, Neutral, and Bad users.


  • Jade doesn't hate bad users.
  • Jade Hayes doesn't make videos out of anyone.
  • She doesn't have an enemy.
  • Jade's not good at making her characters a boyfriend and girlfriend
  • Jade likes Thomas and friends, bobby's world, powerpuff girls dexter laboratory, cow and chickens, I'm a weasel, rocko's modern life, other cartoon network and nickelodeon tv shows when she was young
  • Jade's side is not mentioned on goanimate and youtube
  • Jade often taunts at bad users.
  • She always laughing at bad users look like real life and their fake avatar, or comments.
  • if anyone tells her why she look like a boy and other mean response even makes video out of bronies and other mlp fans, frozen fans, goanimators, popular people. it's cause Jade waterfalls will get offended.
  • Jade have quite short temper.
  • Jade seems to act like a mother to cherry the sackboy sometimes (hinting that she may be his Parental Substitute).
  • She can be quite rude and manipulative to frozen haters. otherwise, she respected their opinion.
  • Jade seems show negative attitude towards anti bronies and mlp haters sometimes.
  • Jade and Kade always fight sometimes over Cherry the Sackboy (Kade claimed that he found Cherry creepy) and they often got into arguments with each other.
  • if any frozen hater who tried to talk to her, she will tend to ignore them sometimes.
  • Jade waterfall can be rude and arrogent towards Intellegent ATHIEST C.H.A and STPMB and other users.
  • Jade hurt users and does painful things to them  sometimes because they got smart with her and being mean to cherry on her ava walker account.

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