Jason from LucasComedian2000

Jason is a character made by LucasComedian2000. He has a girlfriend named Phillipa.


Gender: Male

Hair: Black

Age: 12

Occupation: Unknown

Family: Alan (Father)

Millie (Mother)

First Apperance: Jason Fails To Get Plastic Surgery And Gets Grounded

Ethnicity: Unknown


  • His Girlfriend


  • Getting Grounded


  • Jason looks a little like Eric Stooge, but his hairstyle is Black.
  • Because Ryley divorced Phillipa, she is now Jason's girlfriend.
  • Jason was originally going to have a sister named Harper, (Roderick's Girlfriend), but GoAnimateMaster1998 a.k.a. caroline0204 wanted BumbleBee99Swell to find another brother for her.

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