Jelly And Her Friends Go To Chuck E Cheese was a GoAnimate! episode. It stars nephews from PB&J Otter, Blinky Bill, The New Adventures Of The Little Koala, Team Umizoomi, The Bubble Guppies, Dragon Tales, and Powerpuff Girls.


Jelly and her friends decide to go to Chuck E Cheese. They decide to play games, do Dance Dance Revolution, have some pizza, and see Chuck E perform at the Pizza Time Theater. The clock strikes 9pm and Chuck E Cheese becomes Deadl E Cheese. They try to run away, but Deadl E kills them. And Jelly wakes up from her nightmare.


  • Ivy as Jelly The Purple Otter, Blossom, Deema, and Cassie The Pink Dragon
  • Kimberly as Molly and Wheezie The Purple Dragon
  • Kayla as Oona and Sophie The Orange Otter
  • Eric as Munchy The Light Blue Beaver, Ord The Blue Dragon, and Gil
  • Julie as Pinch The Dark Blue Raccoon and Milli
  • Young Guy as Zack The Green Dragon and Geo
  • Kidaroo as Bot
  • Paul as Goby
  • Tween Girl as Blinky, Peanut The Red Otter, and Buttercup
  • David as Johnny
  • Josh as Roobear
  • Kenny as Laura
  • Shy Girl as Butter The Yellow Otter, and Bubbles
  • Brian as Chuck E
  • Scary Voice as Deadl E
  • Lawrence as Announcer


  • Jelly: Hi there everyone. I'm Jelly. And let's do a role call for my friends!
  • Munchy: I'm Munchy.
  • Pinch: I'm Pinch.
  • Peanut: I'm Peanut.
  • Butter: I'm Butter.
  • Sophie: I'm Sophie.
  • Blossom: I'm Blossom.
  • Bubbles: I'm Bubbles.
  • Buttercup: I'm Buttercup.
  • Blinky: I'm Blinky.
  • Molly: I'm Molly.
  • Gil: I'm Gil.
  • Oona: I'm Oona.
  • Johnny: I'm Johnny.
  • Goby: I'm Goby.
  • Deema: I'm Deema.
  • Geo: I'm Geo.
  • Milli: I'm Milli.
  • Bot: I'm Bot.
  • Cassie: I'm Cassie.
  • Ord: I'm Ord.
  • Zack: I'm Zack.
  • Wheezie: I'm Wheezie.
  • Roobear: I'm Roobear.
  • Laura: And i'm Laura.
  • Jelly: We're all together to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Let's hope everything perfectly aims to please.
  • (Audience applauds for seven seconds)
  • (Cut to: A bus stop)
  • Geo: I can't wait to go to Chuck E. Cheese!
  • Peanut: Let's hope that the bus comes in thirty seconds.
  • Roobear: You bet Peanut!
  • Molly: I agree with you, Roobear.
  • Sophie: Aw man, why does time go so fast?
  • Milli: Look, it's coming right now!
  • Blinky: Chuck E. Cheese was gonna be grand!
  • (The bus arrives)
  • Jelly: It's here everyone.