Micheal:Jimmmy,Your Mother and I are going to Dinner Theatre to watch the Muppets Most Wanted,I suggest you can babysit Angelina


Micheal:Dont watch anything made by DC comics,Adult swim and Viz Meadia


Micheal:You two have fun

Jimmy:Lets Watch Mr Pickles

Angelina:No You father has asked you not to watch anything made by Adult swin,Viz Media or DC Comics,Lets watch My Little Pony

Jimmy:No no no no no no anything but My Little Pony

Angelina:Can we go and see new Equestria Girls movie pleassssseeeee

Jimmy:Ok Fine


Jimmy:No Anything but Equestria Girls Friendship games its a big rip off to the hunger games and im seeing The Man who fell down to earth instead


Angelina:Thats the best film ever

Micheal:Oh There you are,Wheres Jimmy,I bet hes not watching the Man who fell down to earth

Micheal:Jimmy How dare you watch the Man who fell down to earth that you should be watching My Little Pony:Equestria Girls Friendship games and secondly that film is rated R,You are grounded

Jimmy:No no no no no no no no

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