Teacher: Ok class, today it's behavior card day, if you get gold, you graduate forever, if you get purple, you get 1 year off, if you get blue, you get 1 month off, if you get green, you get 1 week off, if you get white, nothing will happen, if you get yellow, you have detention for 20 minutes, if you get orange, you havfoe detention for 2 hours, if you get black, you are suspended for 1 week, if you get brown, you are suspended for 1 month, and if you get red, you are in dead meat

Jazzi: Hooray, Custard, Noodle, Ka-Chung, Foo, B.B. Jammies, and I got gold cards

Custard: This is so cool

T: Good job Save-Ums, you get to go to the principal's office to graduate forever

Gumball: yes,  I got a purple card

T: Good job Gumball,  you get a year off

Lollipopchainsawfan2015: I got blue

T: Good job, you get a whole month off

skyler hawkins: Inez Thomas and I got white cards

teacher: ok,  go back to your seat

jack: what the heck,  a yellow card

teacher: that's right jack, you get detention for 1 hour

remy: are you kidding me,  i got a orange card

teacher: that's right remy,  you have a 2 hour detention.

david: oh my god,  i got a black card

teacher: that's right david, you are suspended for a week

bob: no,  not brown card

teacher: that's right bob,  you are suspended for a month

jock: um,  um, um,  i got red

teacher: that's right jock,  you are expelled and in dead meat

principal Wilt: so jock, why are you here?

jock: i got a red card


Jock's dad: Jock you are grounded for getting into dead meat for bad actions you've ever done, go to your room now