Johnny Blan is an original series created by BeatBro. The series is about an optimistic 11 year-old named Johnny Blan who likes to make the
Principal's Edge

This is from the episode "Principal's Edge."

most of his life, with his friends, Charles and Barb. The main antagonist (also Johnny's brother) is a child prodigy named Noxxow. They live in a town in Oregon called Moonville.


  • Johnny Blan (Paul)
  • Noxxow Blan (Evil Genius)
  • Mrs. Blan (Bridget)
  • Mr. Blan (Brian)
  • Karen Blan (formerly Tween girl, now Ivy)
  • Yummy (their cat) (Princess)
  • Charles Yopo (Zack)
  • Barb (Emma)
  • Mr. Bob (Alan)
  • Principal Julia (Susan)
  • Mussel (Eric)
  • Kim (Millie)
  • Trish (Kate)
  • Randy Skyheart (Lawrence)
  • Buck Blan (Kidaroo)
  • Sherman Blan (Professor)
  • Gertrude Alisals (Allison)
  • Angel Vinnebule (Elizabeth)


  1. Stuck in a Cabinet
  2. Principal's Edge
  3. All Alone/No one but Yourself
  4. Time for Awesomeness
  5. Karao-key to Success
  6. Bound for Busia
  7. Mind my Machine
  8. Baby Wars
  9. Playin' for the Principal
  10. Halloweenie
  11. Lock-Down
  12. Noxxowberg
  13. Noxxow Unseen
  14. @ the Office
  15. Courtroom
  16. Bully Boy
  17. Peanilla Chocaramel
  18. The Killers 2
  19. Life in the T.V
  20. The Hand (this episode accidentally got removed)
  21. Secret Admirer
  22. Group in Time
  23. Out of Power
  24. Livin' with Randy
  25. Bumper!
  26. Land of Free Choice
  27. Camping Out
  28. Evil Johnny
  29. K in a Day Special
  30. Rushmore
  31. Caveman Antics (Cavemantics)
  32. Sherm vs. Mussel
  33. Swiss Family Blan
  34. Battle of the Bands
  35. Buck!
  36. The Cuss Fuss
  37. Kaca Tacoz
  38. The Petition
  39. Heat Wave of Doom!
  40. Holly Johnny Christmas
  41. Chocolate!
  42. Byte-Size World (pt. 1)
  43. Giant Trouble (pt. 2)

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