Josh gets lion king and watches the VHS and get grounded


  • Josh as Eric
  • Mom as Kate
  • Movie Store Manager as Paul


  • Josh: Mom, can I get lion king special edition on VHS
  • Mom: no because your groduned and you don't get movies while grounded
  • Josh: since my moms gone, I gonna go to the movie store
  • Manager: welcome to the movie store, may I help you
  • Josh: can I get lion king special edition on VHS
  • Manager: here you go, have I nice day
  • Josh: yay i got it
  • Josh: now I have it, I gonna watch the thx logo
  • Josh: that was a good logo
  • Mom: josh we have oh my gosh is that the lion king special edition on. VHS I told you not to I taking it back
  • Josh: mom it's made it in cardboard
  • Mom: it's does matter

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