Her parents Eat their, But julie Was Not happy with her dinner, But she wants candy Before Dessert; She Tells her parents they'd discover No candies. She Kicks Out her plate past, Tucked in bed, and told her parents. They Goes to Chic-Fil-A.

Quotes (Added Swear Words)

  • [Parents eat their dinner]
  • I Want Candy!
  • Julie eat your food you are not having Candy we are having this so eat it!
  • I Don't Want to eat this Shit!
  • Julie Stop swearing and eat your food no candy
  • I'm throwing my food in the trash
  • [She Throws Past the wall]
  • Julie how dare you throw your Food away now you're grounded for a week and you will go to bed early
  • [She Tucked in bed]
  • Julie Stop crying like a baby!
  • But daddy I'm Not Tired!
  • Go to sleep like your father said!
  • but. . .
  • No buts; Go-to sleep now!
  • But mommy daddy you can't do this to me!
  • Shut up! Shut-up!
  • [Walks out to Chic-Fil-A]


Julie as herself

Alan as Julie's dad

Susan as Julie's mom

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