Juliet (Not that other one)
Juliet is a Immigrant girl who's from Norway. She was born on june 15th and grew up in Poland, Her mother is britsh/ polish/english and her father is also british and Norwegian. she lost both of her eyes when she was baby due to broken blood vessels in her eyes, which resulted in her having (and still having) computer technology to see and that explains the shades in her picture. Her and family moved to united kingdom. Juliet and her brother Sebastian was adopted by grandmother and granderfather after their mother and father died in plane crash while they went trip to france when she was 7 year old while Sebastian was 1 year old. she was usually bad girl who causing trouble at her school/home. She has only one friend named Penelope who was Asian

Name: Juliet Valentine

Age: 16

Hair color: reddish brown

Nationally: English/British/Norwegian/polish

Birthdate: June 15th 2000

Hometown: Norway but moved to united kingdom then Poland.

Voice: Emma(normal)


Family: Catherine(mother, decreased)

       Alfred(father, decreased)


She wears burgundy dress with green jacket and gray shoes with socks. in her pajamas wear. she wears pink pants and white slippers, pink shirt with long sleeves. in her formal wear. she wears purple dress with short sleeves and red shoes. in verison, she wears different sunglasses, flower, pink earring, green jacket with dark red scarf part coming from the shirt, dark red dress, gray shoes.

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