Our favorite Norwegian immigrant changes her school's name to Fox Sports 1!


  • Emma as Juilet
  • Kayla as Fat Minky Momo
  • Bridget as Juilet's grandmother
  • Diesel as Juilet's grandfather
  • Young Guy as Tom Meents
  • Brian as Warren Cook


  • Juilet: Man, I hate school!
  • Juilet's grandfather: Me too. Can you please change the school's name to Fox Sports 1? You will be ungrounded if you do so.
  • Juilet: Okay!
  • (later)
  • Juilet: (at the school sign) Now to change the name from Warren Cook Middle School to Fox Sports 1!
  • (she blows up the Warren Cook Middle School sign, and places that giant inflatable Fox Sports 1 sign you see at Monster Jam events where it used to be)
  • Fat Minky Momo: (walks up) WOW! That Norwegian with no eyes changed the school name to Fox Sports 1!
  • (Juilet's teach-I mean Tom Meents' class. There is a Monster Jam sign on the wall)
  • Tom Meents: Okay class, now for a Monster Jam theme song! (plays and dances to Max-D theme song) Now for lunch.
  • (lunch)
  • Rob Morgan (former NASCAR driver): Okay, now to eat Fox Sports 1 logo shaped and eteched bacon cheeseburgers!
  • (later)
  • Juilet: Now to turn Prinicipal Warren Cook into a Fat Warren.
  • (she turns Warren into a Fat Warren)
  • Fat Warren: Now to poop on everything!
  • (back at home)
  • Juilet's grandfather: Juilet, thanks for changing the school name to Fox Sports 1. You are now ungrounded.
  • Juilet's grandmother: Go have some fun now!
  • Juilet: (running off) Yaaay!

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