Justdancingsamuel is a user on Just Dance Wiki, Just Dance Fanon Wiki and GoAnimate Wiki and recently joined movie answers, he recently also was the founder of DirecTV Wiki. He appears in an episode where a GoAnimate Wiki user gets grounded, and also appears in Sophie the Otter videos, such as her movies, and of course, Warren Cook getting grounded.  In Komaedanagito14 gets grounded for Infinity, Justdancingsamuel's voice is Alan, in Warren Cook gets grounded for infinity 3 times, his voice is Zack.   His voice will either be Alan, Eric (for now), Dave (Season 2) or Brian (Rest of season 1 after episode 10), dad will be Alan or Dave, mom will be Kate unless noted otherwise. He also appears in A message to jim on andy panda gets grounded for ultraplex years to correct Jimmy from Jimmy Two-Shoes that Turbo is actually made by 20th Century Fox besides Dreamworks.

About Him

He was born on 2/15/02, His likes are the following:  Just Dance, Xbox (360) with kinect sensor, Joey King actress, 20th century fox, Instagram, wii, youtube, goanimate, VHS (that are from 2005 and/or 2006), Kindle Fire, iPod touch, birthdays, middle school and a lot more.  His dislikes is as:  getting grounded, nappies, jail time, getting suspended/expelled, naughty little girl episodes, some veggies, Salad, Fake VHS openings and a lot more

Friends: PB&Jotterisnumber1, DavidtheAnimationGuy

Enemies: Komaedanagito14, Warren Cook


The rest of the series: Brian

When turned into a baby: Ivy

Crying: Same, Brian

Trying to do a Australian accent (Episode 29?): Alan

When sick: Emma

Angry Voice: Kidaroo

Furious Voice: Scary Voice

Episodes of season 1 (10 of which he gets grounded) (60 to 130 episodes total, depending on how many justdancingsamuel can decide) (Only Justdancingsamuel can change this.)

1.      Justdancingsamuel gets up late

2.      Justdancingsamuel learns that he has autism

3.     Justdancingsamuel behaves at Target and gets ungrounded

4.     Justdancingsamuel Goes to Los Angeles to see his girlfriend with his family: Part 1 (4 parts, therefore,people, episode 8 is where Justdancingsamuel gets grounded for infinity.)

5.      Justdancingsamuel Goes to Los Angeles to see his girlfriend with his family: Part 2

6.     Justdancingsamuel Goes to Los Angeles to see his girlfriend with his family: part 3

7.      Justdancingsamuel Goes to Los Angeles to see his girlfriend with his family: part 4, the flight home

8.     Justdancingsamuel gets grounded for infinity

9.    Justdancingsamuel gets ungrounded for infinity

10.  Justdancingsamuel kills Warren Cook (Not a grounded episode)

11.  Justdancingsamuel makes his first fake VHS opening

12.  Justdancingsamuel gets sick

13.  Justdancingsamuel gets an xbox one while grounded

14.  Justdancingsamuel plays hooky (or fakes sick) and gets grounded

15.  Justdancingsamuel gets grounded for 1 week

16.  Justdancingsamuel calls his dad grandpa and gets sent to Spain (grounded episode)

17.  Justdancingsamuel escapes from Spain

18.  Justdancingsamuel grounds his dad

19.  Justdancingsamuel goes to Tokyo

20.  Justdancingsamuel goes to the 20th century fox theme park/grounded

21.  Justdancingsamuel dates 2 girls/ungrounded

22.  Justdancingsamuel skypes joeykingactress and gets grounded (final grounded video)

23.  Justdancingsamuel Flips Over the Table and Gets Grounded (PB&Jotterisnumber1 made this)

(empty space)

24.  Justdancingsamuel Behaves At Gamestop

25.  Justdancingsamuel babysits

26.  Justdancingsamuel and joey king date

27.  Justdancingsamuel gets sick again

28.  Justdancingsamuels vacation

29.  Justdancingsamuel tries to do an accent

30.  Justdancingsamuel gets a japan wii u

31.  Justdancingsamuel goes to Lake Hoohaw, Canada (Sophie the Otter) with his family

32.  Justdancingsamuel gets another girlfriend

33.  Justdancingsamuels project (Season finale) (Having to do with Joey King.)

Season 2

34.   Justdancingsamuel passes his EOG's

35.   Justdancingsamuel's dad changes his vocal cords/plastic surgery

36.   Justdancingsamuel's birthday

37.   Justdancingsamuel gets discriminated against Memy9909 (Memy9909 gets grounded)

38.   How Justdancingsamuel met Joey king

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