Justdancingsamuel gets up late is an episode created by Justdancingsamuel


Eric as Justdancingsamuel

Alan as dad

Princess as teacher

Paul as principle

Samuel as detention teacher


Some words are bad words, therefore I will leave them with 3 dots like this, …, thank you for under standing


(It is 10:00 a.m, he is 2 hours late)

Justdancingsamuel: Oh no, I need to get to school, I do not want to be late.

(He goes to school)

Teacher:  Hey, Justdancingsamuel why are you late again, go to the principal's office now,

(Cut to principal's office)

Principal: so Justdancingsamuel, why are you here.

Justdancingsamuel: I was late for the 2nd time.

Principal: that is it, go to detention.

Detention teacher:  okay Justdancingsamuel, you were late for class, that means no talking or more.

Justdancingsamuel: okay, you fricking ….

Detention teacher:  that is enough, you are expelled for 2 weeks.  Go home now while I notify your parents.

(Cut to home)

Dad:  Justdancingsamuel, you are grounded (15x)

(Still at red screen, Justdancingsamuel is crying)

Dad: you are grounded (5x) for 3 weeks.

(Still, Justdancingsamuel is sad)

Dad: go to bed now.

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