I am finishing Season 1 here.


While Justdancingsamuel was not allowed to watch shows/movies made by fox, he still has anything else, with that, his dad goes to the Target store 69 minutes away!  His family is at Salt the movie, which he is not mature for yet, so he sneaks to the airport, and 23 hours later, his dad finds out, and he is grounded for an additional day!


Brian as Justdancingsamuel

Alan as Father

Kate as mother and Airport Person

Transcript (WIP, please finish)

Justdancingsamuel: "UGH, I wish I could go to the 20th Century Fox theme park, but no!"

Dad:  "Hey, I am going to the Target store, the rest of them are seeing Salt from 2010, see you on 2 hours."

(Car leaves)

Justdaningsamuel:  "Ha ha!  I will now go to the airport!"

(At the airport)


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