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Justin turns on his TV and sees Jake and the Neverland Pirates so he chooses to beat them up. After that, Phil DeVille and Kimi Finster (from All Grown Up) ground him. That was Kimi's favourite show.


Justin: I'm bored. Let's see what's on TV.

TV: Just off the shores of Never Land
A hideaway at sea
Yo Ho! Yo Ho!
Let's Go! Let's Go!
A pirate band outwits the plans
Of Captain Hook and Smee
Yo Ho! Yo Ho!
Let's Go! Let's Go!

Justin: Now what the hell is that? Jake and the Neverland Pirates? I'm gonna beat them up.

(After beating up Neverland Pirates)

Justin: That's it. I'm going to tell Phil and Kimi.

Kimi Finster: Justin, how dare you beat up Jake and the Neverland Pirates. That was my favourite show.

Phil DeVille: That's it. You're grounded, grounded, grounded, for 100000000000000 years. Go to your room now!

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