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Justin walks into his sister's room and memorizes the password to her security. He reads part of the diary (in reference to Paper Mario 1000 year Door Ghost T) and his sister yells at him for reading that much of the diary. Like before, Phil and Kimi chose to go to the docks after grounding Justin. On the docks, Phil and Kimi have a copy of the diary that belonged to Justin's sister. Kimi chooses to read some more and Phil tells her not to read another part of the diary. To this Kimi calls Phil a "fat dumpy" causing Phil to do the oh oh oh catch phrase. This stirs up a massive row between Phil and Kimi until Susie comes and breaks up the fight. They are forced to lay on the beach and never to return to their son Justin. Kimi starts crying because Phil loved Tommy more than her so Kimi grounds Phil as well.


Justin: I'm bored. I know. I'd like to read my sister's diary.

Diary: Password.

Justin: Armiya spaseniya.

(Diary opens)

Justin: I got on a train today.

And on that train.

Sister: Oh thank heavens, I can't believe I left my diary. Justin what are you doing?

Justin: Nothing.

Sister: You sneak! You read my diary!

Phil DeVille: How dare you read your sister's diary. You are grounded for 123456789 years.

Kimi Finster: You are not going with us to the docks.

Phil DeVille: Go to your room now.


Phil DeVille: What do you have.

Kimi Finster: A diary but that belongs to Justin's sister.

And on that train I saw the best buildings.

Phil DeVille: Kimi, even though we grounded Justin, I told you not to read another part of the diary!

Kimi Finster: I can do that if I want to, fat dumpy!

Phil DeVille: Who are you calling a fat dumpy? Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh!

Kimi Finster: Don't 'ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoh' me!

Phil DeVille: If you keep that up, you're grounded!

Kimi Finster: You can't ground me, I'm your wife!

Phil DeVille: I don't care, Justin is such a stupid meanie.

Kimi Finster: You called your son a stupid meanie?

Phil DeVille: I did.

(Susie Carmichael arrives)

Susie Carmichael: What is going on you two, get a grip!

Phil DeVille: We grounded our son for looking at his sister's diary.

Susie Carmichael (booming voice): You don't call your son a stupid meanie. Go in the pool.

(in pool)

(Kimi is crying)

Phil DeVille: What is it?

Kimi Finster: You're grounded.

Phil DeVille: Why?

Kimi Finster: Because, you and Tommy went out on a date instead of with me. That's it you are grounded,  grounded, grounded for 77699 years. Since you called our son a stupid name, you are grounded for one extra year, which is 77700.

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