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Karael joined on September 4th,2010. He started off with a simple animation in the category "Cartoon Classics". Karael deleted most of his first videos later on. A lot of his early video have a lot to do with the prophet Muhammad.


Most of his animations are about a fictional Karael and his friends such as Beserk and The Grim Reefer. However,not all of his animations are about him and his friends. Some,such as the Obama Show are about Barack Obama doing over the top things like taking drugs.


Karael has garnered controversy since he joined in 2010. One very notable and memorable example would be the situation dubbed "The Sticky Forum Situation" where Karael posted hundreds anonymous topics titled "U Jelly?" all over the Open Forum. It was so bad that the admins temporaily took down the Open Forum and limited posts to each user a day. Long after the event happened people found out Karael did it and he was muted forever,until 2014 when he was unmuted. Another notable but not so memorable example is his age. Many users tried to expose the so called "child". Many people theorized that Karael was a 9 year old claiming to be an older man. The controversey has been forgotten about and his age remains anonymous.


  • Many have described his animations as scrappy and cheaply made
  • Karael is infamous for creating pilot episodes of new shows and forgetting about them.
  • He loves teddy bears.
  • He once got a user to leave the site forever.
  • There was once a petition for Karael to leave.
  • He has just come back to the site after a long hiatus.
  • Karael will never reveal his face or his true age.
  • Karael has his own wiki.
  • He sometimes use Omegle.
  • His favorite animator is African Vulture.

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