Katerina "Kate" Corduroy
Kate (from the official series)

Full Name

Katerina Corduroy (by Nabil Makalam)

Created by

Greta Kappenman (Current)
Nabil Makalam (2015-present, Permissioned by Greta Kappenman)
Simonsanimations (His own version of her)
Lucy Tyler ( two versions of her )


15 (Greta's version, debuted)
16 (Nabil's version, current)
14 (Simonsanimations's version only)
6 (Lucy's version only)




Kate's Mom (Died)
Kate's Dad (Died)
Kimberly (Kate's Foster Mom)
Eric (Kate's Foster Dad)
Kaiden "Kai" Corduroy (Twin Brother)


Autuwn (formerly)
Nabil Makalam
Star Butterfly (In her dream)

Known as

Kate (Herself, Kai, Kayla, Autuwn, Kate's Foster Parents and Nabil Makalam)
Bad Girl (Kate's Foster Parents, however Lucy Tyler doesn't use this term due to her good clone being revealed)
Kaytie (Nabil Makalam)
BFF (Kayla)
Destiny Dawson (Diesel Stooge)


Getting Ungrounded
Hanging out with her BFF


Forced to wearing a Nappy
Getting Grounded
Been Bullied
Getting Teased

Voiced by


Kate Go!Animate

Simonanimation's version of Kate

Katerina "Kate" Corduroy is a Teenage-Troublemaker ( in Lucy Tyler media, non-troublemaker ) character which is first made by Greta Kappenman (AnimeCat9000) (Before or After Erika) and then the same one by Nabil Makalam, and According to Nabil Kate is also a female version of her twin, Kai and she a main Protagonist of Nabil's series "Kate gets Grounded" and debuted on Greta's first Kate series and Nabil's first series "Erika & Michael: True Grounded and Ungrounded Stories" on Episode "Is it You or is it Me who get Grounded". She also appears in Simonsanimations's videos in She appears less often.


  • Her Full Name "Katerina Corduroy" is very similar to Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls when there is a last name "Corduroy" on it
  • She has a boyfriend named Eric
  • She has a brother named Kai
  • She has parents

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