Kaworu Sakurada and MarioLeopoldSam are brothers that like to antagonize Kirby loopsy and her friends and they attack baby show fans just because they think anime is better than baby shows!!! They are also element humanoids just to kill Kirby Loopsy and her friends and kill the baby show characters!!!!!

Kaworu Sakurada

Kaworu Sakurada is the oldest brother. Born on August 1999. His dream was to be either an anime animator or a manga artist!!! When he realized the fact that Japan's anime industry does not hire fans or non-japanese people. He decided to quit his anime and manga artwork and attack the entire goanimate community and attack anyone who liked baby shows! He also attacked jewish people!!!

UPDATE: Kaworu Sakurada has been banned for life on youtube for making a message video to Kirby Loopsy and Inez Thomas where Kaworu was fully naked, pointing the rude finger, pulling out his penis, saying "YEAAAAHHH BOYYYYY!!!!!!" pissing all over the screen.


MarioLeopoldSam is Kaworu's brother! Born on March 2001! He helps Kaworu take revenge on Kirby loopsy by making grounded out his enemies!!! He has attacked the admins of the Goanimate V2 Wiki and he is also a nazi supporter which lead to him attacking Mitsuki Goanimate Fan!!!

In May 2015 MarioLeopoldSam was found guilty of murdering Travis Alexander, a crime which Jodi Arias was framed for. He was sentenced to die painfully.

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