Keith is the secondary antagonist of the official Brian series and the official Thomas series who is created by adamkleinschmidt2003. The official series of Keith getting grounded was created caroline0204. He has 2 sisters (Rachel and Maya), he has a brother (Champ), he has a girlfriend named Angel, and has parents who ground him. Brian is Keith's arch enemy.

Keith Go!Animate


Gender: Male

Hair Color: Blonde

Age: 14 (During the events of the series)

20 (Current Logical Age)

Occupation: High School Student

College (Currently)

Family: Simon (father) (Voice: himself/Dave, grounded videos/TigerMario2002:, movies, TV shows, and other media) 

Bridget (mother) (Voice: herself/Millie/TigerMario2002:, movies, TV shows, and other media)

Rachel (sister) (Voice: Princess/TigerMario2002:, movies, TV shows, and other media)

Maya (adopted sister)

Carrie (former sister) (Voice: Julie/TigerMario2002:, movies, TV shows, and other media)

Champ (Brother) (Voice: Dallas/TigerMario2002:, movies, TV shows, and other media)

Angel (girlfriend/wife) (Voice: Bridget/TigerMario2002:, movies, TV shows, and other media)

Cale (son) (Voice: Professor/TigerMario2002:, movies, TV shows, and other media)

Voice: Brian

Norwegian Name: Kevin

French Name: Bob

Bandicam 2013-09-11 21-11-30-552

Different version of Keith, notably the Guyisbackable's one.

Danish Name: August

Afrikaans Name: Anders

Ethnicity: Caucasian-British
Bandicam 2013-09-11 20-54-15-755

Keith with an angry face.


In 1996, Keith was born.


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