Ken (first from the right) grounds Diesel Clark together with Kimberly and United 1660, after Diesel grounded Andrew for going to see the Wolverine together with Adrianna.

Ken Clark is a hero in TA591IAD1's videos. He has two elder brother named Diesel and James and an elder sister named Carrie.

Voice: Paul

Age: 28

Born: June 20, 1987

Likes: Kimberly, Andrew, Alex, Sam, Joseph, Lester Johnson, Adrianna

Dislikes: Diesel Clark, Paul Johnson Diesel Dawson, Diesel Smith, Macusoper, when Diesel grounds Andrew


Ken Clark was born on June 20, 1987. He made good friends with Lester Johnson in September 1990 at the first day in preschool. After his older brother Diesel and Lesters older brother Paul started grounding Andrew and Adrianna, Ken and Lester decided to start filing lawsuits so they can take custody of Andrew and Adrianna together with Kimberly and Susan.