Kendra is Becky's older sister. She looks like her SuperMarioKing1999 version. She also is 22 years old. She is an eldest child in the Marcot Family.

Family: Paul (Dad), Kate (Mom), Becky (Younger sister), Dennis (Little brother, PC Guy),


Age: 22

Birth: March 12, 1995

Voice: Herself, Jennifer (when her voice and her body changed) 

Allies: Bill, Freddie, Kara, Dan, Dave (Bill's older brother), Courtney (Bill's younger sister),

Likes: Computer Games, YouTube, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario

Dislikes: Being Grounded, Baby Shows

Kendra Marcot's plastic surgery

Kendra's new body and voice surgery.

Kendra with her younger sister Becky

Kendra with Becky