Kendra : Warren Cook I Hate You! You Punched Taylor's nose until it bled! That's it! I Will Bleed Your Nose Back!

Warren Cook : Nonononnononnononononono! Don't do it!

Kendra : Too Bad!

(Kendra Punches Warren's Nose until It Bleeds)

Warren Cook : Owwww! Geez! 

Kendra : If you want to heal your bleeding nose, you'll have to learn your lesson.

NathanDesignerBoy7: Kendra, what are you doing?

Kendra: Warren Cook punched Taylor's nose until it bled, so I made his nose bleed back as a punishment.

NathanDesignerBoy7: All right! You did it, Kendra! You punished Warren Cook for something he did! As a reward, you're ungrounded forever! 


Kendra as herself

Brian as Warren Cook

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