Kent is a GoAnimate character. He looks like Edward Cullen, but, he isn't. Kent is also from Slippy V. His dad looks like Steve Jobs, but, it's not.

Name: Kent Fisher

Actor: Kidaroo (GoAnimate), Steven (GoAnimate), Eric (GoAnimate), Robert Pattinson (real life)

Born: September 25, 1996 (GoAnimate) (Los Angeles, California), June 20, 1901 (Twilight Saga), May 13, 1986 (Real life)

Age: 20

Voice: Kidaroo, Steven (GoAnimate), Eric (GoAnimate), (and now Eric (GoAnimate))

Relatives: Diesel/Steve Jobs (father), Emma/Pirate Woman (mother), Grace/Chibi Peepz (sister)

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