Kent gets held back! is a GoAnimate video, uploaded by Slippy V on November 10th, 2012.


[We see Kent sleeping in his room]

[Alarm sounds off]

Kent: "Oh no! I'm late for school!"

[Kent runs to his school]

10th Grade Teacher: "Kent, you are late once again! Go to the principal's office now!"

[Kent runs to the principal's office]

Principal: "Kent, why are you here?"

Kent: "I was late to class because my alarm didn't go off!"

Principal: "Kent, you will be held back a grade! Go to 9th grade!"

[Kent exits the office and enters 9th grade]

Mr. Morris: "OK, class, it's time to go on a field trip so get your water bottles out because it's gonna be a scorching hot day. Young man, why is there a wine bottle on your desk? That's IT! Go to 8th grade! That means you go back to middle school!"

[Kent heads to middle school]

Mr. Jackson: "OK, class. It's time for social studies!"

Paul: "Social studies is boring!"

Mr. Jackson: "Paul, was that you?"

Paul: "No! It was Kent!"

Kent: (starts crying) "I didn't say that!"

Mr. Jackson: "How dare you say that! Go to 7th grade!"

[Kent enters 7th grade]

Mr. Lincoln: "Class, it's time for-"

(Kent chews gum) 

Mr. Lincoln: "Young man, are you chewing gum?"

Kent: "No, I mean yes! I'm chewing gum!"

Mr. Lincoln: "I'm through with you! Go to 6th grade! That means go to elementary school! Go there now!"

[Kent leaves middle school and enters elementary school]

Mrs. Kelly: "OK, students. I need yesterday's homework. WHERE'S YOUR HOMEWORK?!"

Kent: "I don't have it because I am in 10th grade!"


[Kent goes to 5th grade]

Mr. Bishop: "It's snack time, everybody! You in the blizzard blue shirt, where's your snack?"

Kent: "I left it at home!"

Mr. Bishop: "You make me so furious! Go to 4th grade!"

[Kent enters 4th grade]

Mrs. Hancock: "OK fourth graders. It's time for spelling. So get out a piece of paper. Young man, where is your sheet of paper?"

Kent: "I didn't bring it because I got held back!"

Mrs. Hancock: "Go to 3rd grade!"

[Kent enters 3rd grade]

Mr. Scott: "Alright kids. It's time for show and tell, so I hope you brought an object with you. YOUNG MAN, YOU DIDN'T BRING ANYTHING! GO TO SECOND GRADE!"

[Kent enters 2nd grade]

Mr. Hayes: "Alright class, it's time for a math problem. What is 3 + 5?"

Kent: "10,000!"


[Kent enters 1st grade]

Mr. Parkman: "OK class, it's reading time. So get out your books. Where's your book, young man?"

Kent: "I forgot it!"

Mr. Parkman: "That's it! Go to kindergarten now!"

[Kent enters kindergarten]

Britney Spears: "Hi kids. I'm Britney Spears. It's time for music. So get your instruments out and practice for our kindergarten concert. Excuse me, sir, where's your instrument?"

Kent: "I don't have one!"

Britney Spears: "I'm tired of your attitude, that's it! Go to preschool!"

[Cut to: Kent at preschool]

Preschool Teacher: "OK children. Who wants milk and cookies?"

Preschooler 1: "We do!"

Preschooler 2: "We do!"

Preschooler 3: "We do!"

Kent: "Oh boy! Milk and cookies!"

[Kent eats all the cookies and milk]

Preschooler 2: "Oh no! Kent drank all the milk and ate all the cookies! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Preschool Teacher: "Kent, you know we have to share! Go home now!"

[At home]

Kent's Father: "Kent! I can't believe you got held back to preschool and got expelled, we're so mad at you! You're so so so so so grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded grounded for 532560000000000000000000000000854481423520000000000000000000000000891335364789 years!"

Maria: "Go to your room and go to sleep right now!"



This is the longest held back video in GoAnimate History!

Kent gets held back!05:01

Kent gets held back!

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