Kimberly is the main female antagonist of the official Zack series from the original creator of the Zack series. She looks like a lot of mothers, but her story is quite different in comparison. She and her husband used to be assassins until they decided to adopt Zack and Zara. She was born in Detroit, Michigan.



Gender: Female

Hair color: Brown

Voice: Kimberly (Actual voice)

Kate (Zack babysits Billy and Zack Becomes Hardcore)

Occupation: An assassin (formally)

Family: Diesel (Husband)

Zack (Adoptive Son)

Zara (Adoptive Daughter)

First Appearence: Zack gets in trouble at school

Latest Appearence: Zack Becomes Hardcore

Ethnicity: Caucasian American


She had never appeared in the following Zack episodes:

Zack goes to the movies

Zack Goes To The Prom Parts 1 & 2

Zack kills Barney

Zack vs Derek