Kimi Watanabe-Finster- Ivy





News Anchor-Eric

Phil DeVille-Diesel

Lil DeVille-Julie

Tommy Pickles-Eric

Chuckie Finster-Brian


Kimi and Kira Watanabe-Finster are going to Round Table Pizza. Kira gets 10 pizzas but Kimi tells her that it costs too much money so she offers her 8 pizzas instead. To this Kira loses her temper and destroys the place. On the way home, Kimi's voice turns to Diesel.


Kimi: Hey mom!

Kira: What is it Kimi?

Kimi: Can we go to Round Table Pizza?

Kira: No, we're having bagels.

Kimi: But mom...

Kira: Kimi, I said no.

Kimi: I want to go to Round Table! I want to go to Round Table! I want to go to Round Table! I want to go to Round Table! I want to go to Round Table! I want to go to Round Table! I want to go to Round Table! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Now! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Kira: Kimi, for the last time. The answer is no.

Chaz: Kira, I don't have the bagel recipe.

Kira: Did you hear that? Chaz says that he doesn't have the recipe to make the bagels. In that case, we can go to Round Table. Happy now?

Kimi: Yay!

(At Round Table)

Clerk: What can I get you?

Kimi: I would like one pizza with everything on it.

Kira: I would like 10 pizzas.

Kimi: Mom, that costs $33. We don't have that much money. How about 8 pizzas instead?

Kira: (Kidaroo voice) No way I said 10 pizzas.

Kimi: Stop being a brat. You can have 8 pizzas or nothing.

Kira: I got a better choice. I will make an earthquake. (Kira makes earthquake)

Kimi: That's it. We're taking the subway home.

(On subway) Kimi (Diesel's voice) Stop crying mom. This is your own fault.

Kira: All I wanted was 10 pizzas.

Kimi (Diesel's voice) Young lady you didn't get 10 pizzas because they were too freaking expensive! I offered you 8 pizzas but no. You decided to make an earthquake and now we're banned from going to Round Table for 2 weeks! Even worse, we might end up on the news!

(Conductor walks by to see Kira crying)

Conductor: Kimi, why are you speaking in Diesel's voice and why is your mom crying? I hope she didn't cause trouble.

Kimi (Diesel's voice): You'll blow up when I say that. My mom made an earthquake at Round Table because I couldn't get what she wanted. Now we're banned from going there for  4 hours.

Conductor: Oh my god! Kira Watanabe-Finster, I can't believe you made an earthquake at Round Table Pizza! You could have been arrested for doing that! That's it! You are banned from riding the subway for 1 week! Go home now!

Chaz: Phil what would you and your friends want to watch?

Phil DeVille: The news.

(on GNN News)

News Anchor: Our top story tonight is that a mother named Kira Watanabe-Finster didn't get what she wanted so she decided to make an earthquake.

Right here is the clerk of Round Table.

What seems to be the problem?

Clerk: I was taking orders for the customers. When Kira and her daughter Kimi Watanabe-Finster came to get something, Kira ordered 10 pizzas but her daughter said that it was too expensive. She offered her 8 pizzas instead but she destroyed Round Table completely. I was not injured.

News Anchor: Thanks for sharing. Right now, we have Kimi and her mother Kira. She has a raspy voice. Don't you like speaking in your cute voice?

Kimi (Diesel's voice): I spoke in my cute voice before my mom made an earthquake all because I couldn't get her what she wanted.

Now we're banned from going to Round Table for 2 weeks.

Chaz: Waaaaaaaaaaah!

Phil DeVille: Why are you crying?

Chaz: Because, my wife is on the news. She is getting grounded by her daughter Kimi. To make things worse, her cute voice turned into Diesel.

Lil DeVille: Omigosh! I'm so scared! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! 

Phil DeVille: Lil! Come back! It's okay! 

(on TV)

News Anchor: Kimi, can you show us your normal voice?

Kimi (normal voice): I usually use this voice whenever I am calm I also use this voice when I'm crying. But when I'm mad, I use a scary voice.

Kimi (Diesel's voice): Anyway, my mom chose to make an earthquake all because I couldn't get her what she wanted.

Kira: It's not my fault.

Kimi (Diesel's voice): Shut up, mom.

News Anchor: It looks like that Kira is cryingl.

Kimi (Diesel's voice): When we really get home, she is going to be grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded even more. 

(at home)

Chaz: Kimi, why is your mother crying?

Kimi (Diesel's voice): For misbehaving at Round Table. She's the worst mom I've ever had!

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