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Kitty Johnny's current avatar.

Kitty Johnny is a GoAnimate who joined in GoAnimate since 20 April 2012. He's also known in his GoAnimate account as KittyToon.


In his first avatar, Kitty Johnny had brown spike hair, black shirts, and blue pants.

His second avatar gave him a more catboy appearance such as having a cat ears and tails. His hair is now longer and wears green jacket.


Kitty Johnny first discovered a GoAnimate video when he watched of BradleyWestgarth videos when he was still active. After seeing many users make a grounding videos of users, Johnny joined the GoAnimate on 20 April, 2012 under the name of Kittytoon and began making a grounding videos out of Memy9909.

In 2013, following the removal of GoBucks, Kitty Johnny recieved an one mouth GoPlus, giving him a small time to make a grounding videos. He created his own character named Mike and the rest of his own background characters. He created his Yotubue account in late 2013, titlling him as Kitty Johnny. After his GoPlus expirted one month shortly, Johnny begans to use a GoAnimate4School and to record screen program so he could upload on his Youtube account.

In 2014, after making enough of his grounding videos, Kitty Johnny annouces that he will stop making grounding videos. However, he return to make a grounding video of an GrandChase RealCook due to him that he made a video out of him and frequently continues to make a grounding videos out of him unless he closes his account. In October 2014, he accouned that he won't be making grounding again until December 2014.

Apart from making grounding videos, Kitty Johnny is also known for being an Otaku/Anime fan, he usually makes a video of anime role complication of famous Japanese voice actors/actresses and making an video tribute of an anime related as well as other realated to anime.

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