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Krista is a female character who is created by The FunEditor4. The design of Krista was originally created for the mother of Bucky in the official Bucky series. LucasHome64, however, used the same design in order to create this new character. She has a brother named James, has a boyfriend named Banjo, and has parents.

Apparently, in another dimension, she used to be Banjo's girlfriend, but she broke up with him. Then after that, she reunited with Banjo.


Full Name: Krista Mcshouglin Porkins

Gender: Female

Age: 15

20 (Current logical age)

Birth: January 8, 1997 (Albuquerque, New Mexico) January 2, 1998 (KristinaCollinsYes KatieNo2004) (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Death: January 2, 2093 (Aged 95)

Family: Diesel (Father)
Krista Porkins 1

Amy (Mother)

James (Brother)

Enrique (Brother)

Daisy (Sister)

Boyfriend: Leon (former) Banjo (current)

Caley (Her Best Friend)

Jenny (daughter)

Norwegian Name: Victoria

French Name: Caundence

Ethnicity: Caucasian-British American


LouieLouie95 Was The First Ever User To Make A Grounded Series On Krista

She's Ranked Number 11 On The Hottest GoAnimate Characters List

She Has Bipolar Disorder In Which Leads Her To Trouble

She Has A Mix With British Irish Russian And American Descents

She Looks A Bit Like Demi Lovato

She Sometimes Cries When Something Goes Bad

She's Kind Of A Good Singer Dj And Multi Instrumentalist