Kumi's Awesome Adventure Machine is a spoof of the Awesome Adventure Machine from Chuck E. Cheese's. It revolves around Kumi taking some characters on various adventures in and throughout the world and through time -  exploring other planets or a jungle through CGI and green screen, with Kumi as the pilot and emcee.


  • (opens with Kumi)
  • Kumi: Hi! Kumi here. We have a big problem here at my house. You see, my parents need to do something. Now I will show the camera.
  • (Cut to: Black and white view of Kumi's parents spazzing out)
  • Kumi's mom: We're all out of Grape Nuts! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Kumi's dad: Even the finest parents need something to help punish their kids!
  • (Cut to: Kumi and some characters standing in the AAM)
  • Macusoper: So we figered out somewhere in space was Grape Nuts!
  • Jane the Killer: So Kumi built the AAM! (Awesome Adventure Machine)


Behind the Scenes

The AAM set was comprised of a giant UFO-like spaceship interior mock-up on a moving platform which contained seats and a cockpit for Kumi (and the rest) to sit in, and was surrounded by two gigantic 10-foot video screens (to simulate background images). The set was actually too big to fit in the Kumi gets Grounded set areas at GoAnimate Network studios, so the entire set was placed in the gym at GoCity Middle School.

Kumi was dressed in a scientist coat and scientist eye protection. In her chamber, she was accompanied by several moving background objects, which appear as though she's built the machine herself out of junk. All in all, there were over 500 individual pieces (everyday household items, ranging from bicycle wheels to bathroom scales) integrated into the AAM contraption. The set also included computerized lights and movements from items that an inventive troublemaker might have put together -- animated globes, tricycles, trash cans, hubcaps, tennis rackets, irons and bubbling water bottles.

The AAM set had many "intelligent" lighting effects on the stage itself and also around the set. The screen to the left of Kumi's cockpit has a lighted zig-zag pattern and the screen to the right has a lighted gear-shaped pattern. Above the screens and leading to the cockpit are several sets of twisted neon lights, which appear to be electrical currents when programmed to quickly flash back and forth. There were several lighting effects that appeared from inside her cockpit as well, and above Kumi was a LED board which could spell out messages and also display designs. Instead fading out to end scenes, the screen was "opened" and "closed" by a vertical sliding door operated by a pulley from the rafters of the gym.

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