Kumi gets sent to bed early is a GoAnimate video uploaded by VideoGamesYes BabyShowsNo to YouTube on November 2nd, 2013.


[We see the family eating dinner at the house]

Kumi: "H**l no! I am not eating my dinner!"

Kumi's Father: "You're eating your dinner so eat!"

Kumi: "No! I want Burger King!"

Kumi's Mother: "No Kumi, we are not having Burger King! We are having steak for dinner at home now eat it!"

Kumi: "No! I want Burger King right now!"

[Kumi flips over the table]

Kumi's Mother: "Kumi how are dare you flip the table out of the room!"

Kumi's Father: "Which means no MGM stuff! You are going to bed early!"

Kumi: "Mom and Dad, I'm sorry. Why do I get sent to bed early?"

Kumi's Mother: "Because you got in trouble for not listening to me now go to sleep now! And start watching TV shows, movies, and play video games not made by MGM or you are grounded for life!

Kumi: "Well, I guess I have to watch what I'm supposed to watch that is not made by MGM or United Artists as well."

TV Announcer: "Stay tuned now for the season premiere of Laverne and Shirley coming up next here on ABC!"


Kumi gets sent to bed early01:08

Kumi gets sent to bed early

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