Lars Rachel Gorney

Full Name

Lars von Rachel Gorney Jr


Rachel Gorney,Dad,Dummy


Eric Smith episodes,GoAnimate


Grounding Eric,


Keeping Eric safe,Kill Eric(failed)

Voiced By


Type Of GoAnimate Villain

Child-Abuser,Complete Monster,Comedic Villain,Tragic Villain

Lars Rachel Gorney is the main antagonist in the Eric Smith episodes and in the movie The Daily Life Of Eric Smith. He is an former trickster who wants Eric Smith dead and Eric's former dad. Lars is next to Eric's evil mom Mari Gorney.


Lars is the replacement dad instead of Eric's last dad Memy9909. He is the most rudest tricksters in the world from GoAnimate. He works as a abuser and a former workman along with Daddy from Jimmy Gets Trouble. His wife Mari Gorney is the cruelest of them all. Lars is like a bad guy except with heroine.



He was nominated for best dad villain from Eric Smith's daily life (fake)

Lars has a full name called Lars von Rachel Gorney Jr.

He is close to Judge Claude Frollo and Mother Gothel.

He is reference to Judge Claude Frollo and Mother Gothel because there both grounding a person

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