• Salli as Leila
  • Paul as Dad
  • Julie as Mom
  • Brian as Bathtub Speaker
  • Lawrence as Therapist


  • (In the bathroom)
  • Leila: I think I'll bathe in maple syrup.
  • Bathtub Speaker: You better not bathe in maple syrup, it is too sticky and hard to clean up.
  • Leila: I don't care! I will do it anyway!
  • (fills the bathtub with 41 bottles of maple syrup. Puts a sign on the bathroom door that says "Back in 5 hours")
  • Leila: Time to get in the tub! (jumps in the tub)
  • (5 hours later)
  • Leila: I think I feel sticky. I better go clean up.
  • Bathtub Speaker: Good for you, because I think you spent too much time bathing in maple syrup.
  • (Leila takes a shower)
  • Leila: I'm clean now!
  • (Her parents come back)
  • Dad: We are back from the store. Were you bathing in maple syrup?
  • Leila: No! Why would I bathe in maple syrup?
  • Bathtub Speaker: There is a video camera in the bathroom.
  • Mom: You better not be lying! We are going to watch the recorded video. If you lied to us, you are grounded.
  • Leila: Can I delete that video?
  • Dad: You better not delete the video! We are watching it right now.
  • (30 minutes later)
  • Mom: Leila, you lied to me. You were bathing in maple syrup when you weren't supposed to.
  • Leila: Does that mean I am grounded?
  • Dad: That's right Leila. You are grounded, grounded, grounded, grounded for 12 years.
  • Leila: Do not take away my favorite stuff! If you do, I will go donuts!
  • Mom: I am not just taking away your favorite stuff! I will also take away your Nintendo Wii and you are not getting the new MLP:FIM DVD you wanted. I think there is something wrong with you. You need to see a therapist.
  • Leila: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!
  • (At the therapist office)
  • Therapist: So Leila, what brings you here today?
  • Leila: I bathed in maple syrup and got grounded.
  • Therapist: Lay down and I will ask you some questions.
  • (Leila lays down)
  • Therapist: Why did you bathe in maple syrup?
  • Leila: I wanted to do something stupid because I was bored.
  • Therapist: If you want to find something to do when you're bored, do not do very messy things.

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