Leila gets ungrounded.


Leila (Princess)

Dad (Paul)

Mom (Julie)

Cop (Dallas)

Custard (Jennifer)

Evil Custard (Young Guy)


(As Leila is walking down to school, she spies a can of Coke lying on the street)

Leila: I see a Coke can.

Cop: Leila, you are under arrest for littering a can if Coke!

Leila: I swear, it wasn't me.

Cop: I don't care, you are going to to jail.

(In jail)

Cop: Leila, you are in jail for 128 days for littering a can of Coke.

Leila: (Spike's voice) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (normal voice) I can't believe I got arrested for something I didn't do. Wait a minute! Someone must have littered a can of Coke and gotten me arrested! I will call my parents!

(Leila calls her parents)

Leila: Hello, it's me Leila Havannah.

Leila's mom: Honey, it's our daughter calling me from jail. She says she's innocent.

Leila's dad: Julie, if that's the case, I think I might want to talk to a police officer on that one.

Cop: Hello, Officer Dallas speaking.

Leila's dad: Our daughter Leila is telling us that she didn't litter a can of Coke on the ground.

Cop: If this is the case, then I'm going to bail Leila out and take her to the security camera to find out who littered a can of Coke.

(at the security cameras)

Leila: Let me see. Who littered a can of Coke?

(Leila sees Evil Custard litter a can of Coke)

Leila: Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Evil Custard must have done it and gotten me arrested!

Cop: If Evil Custard littered a can of Coke, then she's the one who should have been arrested. I'm really sorry I thought it was you.

(at home)

Leila's dad: Thank you for speaking up for yourself and telling the truth. You are now ungrounded.

Leila's mom: You can hang out with your friends if you want to.

Leila: Now let's see what happens to Evil Custard.

(at the Save-Ums' house)

Evil Custard: This is the best video ever.

Custard: (offscreen) Evil me! Get downstairs now!


Custard: Evil me, I just got a call from Paul and Julie telling us you got their daughter arrested! Is this true?

Evil Custard: Yes it is.

Custard: Evil me, how dare you get Leila arrested? You know she's a good person! That's it! You're grounded grounded grounded until you get executed! Now go to your room!

Evil Custard: (running upstairs, Bloo sound effect) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!