• Princess as Leila
  • Diesel as Dad
  • Kate as Mom
  • Jennifer as Custard
  • Kimberly as Luna Minami


Leila's bad dream is she gets grounded by her parents and killed by Custard the Purple Ranger.


  • Leila: Oh what a day! I might want to have a good night's sleep.
  • (Leila falls asleep and her dream begins)
  • Leila: Oh no, it's my parents.
  • Mom: Leila! You are grounded forever.
  • Leila: But Mom and Dad, I did not do anything!
  • Dad: That's right. You are grounded for nothing.
  • Mom: And for that, Custard is going to kill you. Custard, kill Leila.
  • (Custard appears)
  • Custard: Prepare to die.
  • (Leila wakes up screaming in Spike's voice)
  • (Luna walks in and sees Leila crying in Serena's voice)
  • Luna: Leila, what's wrong? I just heard you screaming.
  • Leila: Luna, this is terrible. My parents grounded me for nothing and Custard killed me.
  • Luna: Don't worry. It was just a dream. You won't get attacked by any Save-Um. We can have breakfast and talk about it downstairs.
  • Leila: Okay.


This is the shortest episode in Leila series.