Leila gets sent to preschool after calling her teacher Teach. Her parents Phil DeVille and Kimi Finster ground her for being held back to preschool. The teacher was later sent to prison for 128 long years after holding back Leila. Chuckie tried to get back his sister but he didn't feel like being grounded. However, Phil took his frustration a bit too far by grabbing Chuckie by his collar and screaming at him. Now, Phil has to get grounded also.


Teacher: Good morning students.

Leila: Hi Teach. (Laughing)

Teacher: That's enough, Leila, you are sent to preschool.

Leila: No! (21X)

Preschool Teacher: So, what brings you here?

Leila: I called the teacher "Teach."

Preschool Teacher (in 400% booming voice): You know you are not allowed to call your teacher Teach. That's it you're expelled.

Leila: Oh no, Phil DeVille and Kimi Finster are going to kill me.

Phil DeVille: How dare you get held back to preschool and later get expelled. That's it, you are grounded, grounded, grounded for 10000000000 long years. Go to your room now!

Leila: I'm sorry.

Phil DeVille: Apologies unaccepted.

Kimi Finster: But Leila said that she's sorry.

Phil DeVille: I disagree. No matter what Leila does she always gets grounded, grounded, grounded.

Leila: I said I was sorry.

Kimi Finster: Don't I'm sorry me, young lady. Go to your room right now.

Leila: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

(Back at school)

Cop 1: Hold it right there.

Teacher: What is it?

Cop 2: Holding back classmates to preschool is not what you should do!

Teacher: But officer, I'm sorry.

Cop 1: Sorry is not going to cut it. You are under arrest for 128 long years.

Chuckie Finster: How dare you make my sister your wife.

Phil DeVille: Listen Finster, I can explain.

Kimi Finster: That's it you and Leila are both grounded.

Chuckie Finster: You think you can ground me for life. I'll show you.

Phil DeVille (Grabbing Chuckie Finster by his collar): SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

(Kimi Finster starts crying)

Phil DeVille: I'm sorry, my mistake. I lost my temper.

Kimi Finster: Sorry is not going to cut it. You are grounded, grounded, grounded!

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