This is the first episode of Leila. Leila doesn't want to eat her dinner. But her dad tells her to eat it. She says no and says that she wants KFC. Her mom disapproves to her that they are not having KFC, they are having vegetables, and tells her to eat it. Then, Leila throws her dinner on the wall, gets sent to bed early, and gets killed by Custard. 


  • Salli as Leila
  • Paul as Dad
  • Julie as Mom
  • Jennifer as Custard


  • Leila: (disgusted) No, I am not eating my dinner!
  • Dad: You better eat your dinner, so eat.
  • Leila: No! I want KFC!
  • Mom: No, we are not having KFC! We are having vegetables at home, so eat it!
  • Dad: Your mother is right, because vegetables will make you big and strong
  • Leila: (angrily) That's it! I am throwing my dinner at the wall!
  • (She throws her dinner at the wall)
  • Dad: (300% voice, angrily) Leila, how dare you throw your dinner at the wall?! That's it! You are grounded young lady!
  • Mom: You are getting killed by someone!
  • Dad: That's it! You're getting killed by someone!
  • Leila: You guys are dumb, sick, idiot, racist, and stupid! (Larryboy No's soundclip)
  • Mom: Leila, watch your language! and stop crying like a stupid baby!
  • Dad: Normally I would say go to bed now! and you're getting nothing, at all! But instead I'm going to say this. Someone will kill you. Do you know who he is? I'll give you a hint. He is the pilot of the Zoomer and takes the Save-Ums on the adventures.
  • Leila: Please, Mom and Dad. Custard doesn't want to kill me.
  • Mom: That's right. It's Custard, and he is going to kill you with a purple chainsaw. Custard, kill Leila.
  • (Custard appears)
  • Custard: Prepare to be dead.
  • (censored, screen turns static)