• Princess As Leila
  • Kate As Mom
  • Diesel As Dad


  • Leila: My parents aren't at home, so I think I'll go to a party while they're gone.
  • (Leila goes to a party and starts dancing with some of her friends)
  • (Leila's parents come home)
  • Mom: Leila! We're home! Wait, where's Leila?
  • Dad: I just got a call from her! She said she's at a party!
  • Mom: Oooh! She's going to be in so much trouble!
  • (Leila's parents pick up Leila from the party and take her home)
  • Mom: Leila! You know you're not supposed to go to parties when Dad and I are away! Especially without permission.
  • Dad: You are so grounded! Go to your room now!

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