Princess as Leila

Diesel as Dad

Kate as Mom

Kimberly as Taylor Hayes

Kate as Ms Shaw

Jennifer as Rachel

Leila: I Am going to Rachel's Sleepover Party

[At 1:00pm at Rachel's House]



Taylor: Let's Dance

Rachel: Let's Watch TV 299 Nick Plays

Leila: Let's Eat Some Fries

[At 2:06 pm at the Backyard]

Leila: Let's Play Baseball

[At 6:30pm inside]

Leila: Let's Have Dinner [

At 10:00pm inside]

Leila: Let's go to bed

[The Next Day]

Dad: Leila, how dare you go to a sleepover party without our permission? That's it! You are grounded for life! Go to your room now!

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