The Better Choice Version of Leila Misbehaves At Corner Bakery Cafe.


Princess as Leila

Lawrence as Corner Bakery Cafe Worker


Leila: I'm going to Corner Bakery Cafe.

(at Corner Bakery Cafe)

Corner Bakery Cafe Worker: Welcome to Corner Bakery Cafe. What would you like?

Leila: I want 300 Chocolate Chip cookies, 400 Vanilla Whoopie Pies, and 1200 Maple Pecan Bars.

Corner Bakery Cafe Worker: I'm sorry, we are all out of Vanilla Whoopie Pies.

Leila: What?! Please tell me you're joking!

Corner Bakery Cafe Worker: Don't feel bad, kid. Why not get 10 Peanut Butter Whoopie Pies instead?

Leila: (thinking) Maybe I should accept the clerk's offer and try a few peanut butter whoopee pies.

Leila: Okay. I'll have 10 peanut butter whoopee pies.

Corner Bakery Cafe Worker: Excellent choice! We'll give you your food in a moment.

(Worker gives Leila her food)

Corner Bakery Cafe Worker: Here you go. Have a nice day.

(At home)

Leila: I'm glad I made the right decision. That peanut butter whoopee pie was delicious! I think I'll have another one!

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