Salli as Leila Paul as Dad Julie as Mom Eric as LouieLouie95 Joey as NathanDesignerBoy7 Brian as Warren Cook Kayla as Dora

Dad: Leila, me and your Mother are going out to Old Country Buffet for our 7th anniversary so don't throw a party or you are in big trouble.  Leila: OK Dad!  Dad and Mom: Bye! Leila: Now that my Parents are gone I am going to throw a party but first I need some people.

                  (15 Minutes Later)

Dora: Thanks for throwing a party Leila! Leila: You are welcome Dora.  Warren: Leila, What is that? Leila: It is my pet cat Fluffy and my pet Dog Scootch and they are sleeping.  Warren: Oh! So Let's Be Loud! Hit It!

            (Action- Electric Guitar plays everyone dances)

Nathan: This is cool!

            (Meanwhille at Old Country Buffet)

Dad: Aw, Kate Is it lovely at the Buffet? I love their fries. Mom: I Love their food. (Phone rings) Mom: For you Diesel!  Dad: Hello Leila? Leila: Dad, I Am having a party.  Dad: Oh my God! Leila, You are in big trouble! After that we are coming home!

             (44 Minutes Later)

Leila: Greatest Party Ever!!!!!!!!!!! Mom and Dad: Leila Hampton Smith,You are in big big big big big trouble so that's it! You are grounded for life! Go to your room with Fluffy and Scootch!

Leila: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!

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