Leila decides to start a band. In the band, Leila is the lead singer, Dora plays the drums, Nathan plays the guitar, Kimberly plays the keyboard, and Mr. Dike plays maracas. Their first concert is in Madison Square Garden in New York City. They perform a song that turns out to be so horrible that the crowd seems to not like it at all. When Leila's parents find out that she started a band, they punish her by making her play with Fluffy and Scootch in the living room.

Salli as Leila Paul as Dad Julie as Mom Kayla as Dora Joey as DesignerBoy07 Kimberly as herself Simon as Mr Dike

Leila: I Am going to make a band but first I need members Dora, DesignerBoy07, Kimberly and Mr Dike will you do it?

Everyone: Yes Yes Yes and Yes

Leila: OK And We Need Some Insturments Everyone Pick Your Own Insturments

Dora: I Pick The Drums

Nathan: I Pick The Guitar

Kimberly: I Pick The keyboard

Mr Dike: I Pick The Maracas

Leila: I Will Sing On The Mic

Leila: OK Our First Gig Tonight Will Be At Madison Square Garden

Everyone: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leila: What's Up New York City!!!!!!!!!!!! We Will Rock N Roll Tonight Let's Start 1 2 3 4

                 (Action- 80s plays)

Leila: This girl is so rad I could like that girl so I went to the jewelry store to buy a diamond ring and I went back to the park and I gave the girl a diamond ring and the girl fell in love with me I said "I Love that bitch" falling in love is cool-l-l na na I got pulled over and I went to the cop and I sad "Cop You Need To Learn How To Be A Better Cop!

Crowd: Boo!

Mom: Leila! Did you start a band while grounded?

Leila: Yes?

Dad: Leila, how dare you start a band while grounded? That's it! you are grounded for 3 weeks! for your punishment we will make you play with Fluffy and Scootch in the Living Room

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