Salli as Leila

Paul as Dad

Julie as Mom

Julie as Caller #1

Brian as Caller #2

Kidaroo as Caller #3

Zack as Caller #4

Young Guy as Caller #5

Allison as Caller #6

Professor as Caller #7


Leila: I need something fun to do because I'm grounded.

Dad: Leila, your mom and I are going to the store. Make sure you watch over your brother. Do not play any games while we are gone. Understand?

Leila: I understand.

(5 minutes later)

Leila: You know what, I'll make prank calls.

(tries to look for the phone book)

Leila: Where's the phone book? (finds the phone book) Ah, yes. Time to call! (5x)

(starts calling)

Caller #1: Welcome to Chicken Place, how may I take your order?

Leila: I want a 20 piece chicken bucket. But I have one question: Is your hair style ugly?

Caller #1: I'm sorry, what did you say?

Leila: I said is your hairstyle ugly?

Caller #1: What is your address?

Leila: (hangs up) That was a funny one! She had no idea what I was talking about. What a retard!

(calls the next person)

Caller #2: Welcome to PR company, how may I help you?

Leila: I have a really big problem, because of my annoying neighbors. They won't stay out of my yard!

Caller #2: All right, calm down. I don't need you yelling in my ear. What is your phone number?

Leila: Looks like I may have to call you back because (400% loud voice) THEY ARE GONNA GET IT!!!!!!!!!!! (hangs up)

(calls the next person)

Caller #3: What the **** do you want?!

Leila: (normal voice) Why did you throw eggs at my window? You dirtied my house big time!

Caller #3: (400% loud voice) GET THE **** OFF MY PHONE LINE!!! 


Caller #3: JUST LEAVE ME THE **** ALONE, YOU **********ER!!!!!!

Leila: Yeah... like you are seriously going to bust into my house and CHOKE ME!!!!!

Caller #3: GO AWAY AND **** YOU!!!! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!! **** OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leila: (normal voice) Fine, I'll end this call right now. (hangs up)

(calls the next person)

Caller #4: You are calling a Chinese Restaurant, how may I help you?

Leila: I got diarrhea from eating some food there! You just diarrhea infested my toilet!

Caller #4: What?

Leila: I said I got diarrhea!

Caller #4: Okay, I'm hanging up... (hangs up)

Leila: (laughing) What a retard! He doesn't know what he's doing! Time to call the next person.

(calls the next person)

Caller #5: This is Tech Support, how may I help you with your problems today?

Leila: I would like an extra large pizza with extra pepperoni, some bacon, and extra cheese.

Caller #5: Hello? Are you there?

Leila: (spazzing) "Sgdsakdjguweguiggwilwq; asdgiugrwwuigew adfgasxijhdbkjasd. Subscribe to colgatepony234 or I'll fire my laser at you."

Caller #5: I'm hanging up...

Leila: Okay, bye...

(calls the next person)

Caller #6: Hi, would you like to try a frozen blue raspberry lemonade today?

Leila: You have a terrible taste in lemonade!

Caller #6: (angry) What did you just say?

Leila: I said you have terrible taste in lemonade!

Caller #6: Don't you dare say that about me! I'm hanging up!

Leila: Get out and leave me alone! (scheming) I could call my dad's business company and get him fired. Now to get my voice changer...

(she finds the voice changer and changes her voice to Kidaroo)

Caller #7: "I am not available right now. Please leave a message after the tone."

(Leila screams a loud, long, insulting message with a lot of curse words. After that, Leila hangs up)

Caller #8: 911 Whats Your Emgerency?

Leila: There's a Naked Person Running Around?

Leila: (normal voice) This will be revenge on all the punishments he put me through... (laughs maniacally)

(1 minute later)

Caller #7: Mr. Havanah, what are you going to get out from this message you left me?

Dad: I swear to gosh I did not call you yesterday. I was shopping with my wife.

Caller #7: You better not be lying! Who the **** would call me a **** ********?

Dad: That doesn't even sound like me. That bastard is going to go get it.

Leila: WHAT?!

(5 minutes later)

Dad: Leila, I want an explanation of this phone call.

Leila: I was trying to have some fun because you grounded me!

Mom: Nobody is laughing here, Leila.

Dad: You thought you can make me lose my job?

Leila: I did it because that's what you are, *******!!!

Mom: "You little brat! We are adding 9 million years to your grounding time." 

Leila: What are you gonna take away this time?

Dad: You are not allowed to watch the TV and I am putting parental controls on your Xbox 360 and you are not allowed to leave the house.

Mom: Go to your room now. Dad will give you a beating.


(Dad beats Leila up)

Police: "You are under Arrest!"

The End

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