• Princess as Leila
  • Diesel as Dad
  • Kate as Mom
  • Duncan as Colgatepony234
  • Alan as Bookstore Worker


  • (On the bus)
  • Colgatepony234: Leila, where is your copy of "MLP Fanfictions Volume 1"?
  • Leila: I don't own one.
  • Colgatepony234: Hey everybody, Leila does not have a copy of "MLP Fanfictions Volume 1"!
  • (Everyone starts laughing at Leila)
  • Leila: Stop laughing! That is so not funny! You guys are driving me bananas!
  • (Everyone still laughing)
  • Leila: (400% loud voice) YOU GUYS CAN LAUGH ALL YOU WANT, BUT I AM NOT IN THE MOOD TO LISTEN TO THIS CRAP ALL DAY! (She leaves the bus)
  • (In Leila's house)
  • Leila: (Normal voice) Mom, everyone made fun of me because they have a copy of "MLP Fanfictions Volume 1" and I don't. Can we go to the store and buy one?
  • Mom: Sure. Let's go to the bookstore!
  • (In the bookstore)
  • Bookstore Worker: Welcome to the bookstore. What would you like to get?
  • Leila: I want "MLP Fanfictions Volume 1".
  • Mom: Leila, that is $15.99. I do not have that much money. Why don't you get "Dipper goes to Taco Bell"?
  • Leila: "Dipper goes to Taco Bell"? But Mom, MLP Fanfictions is form MLP, my favorite show! I love anything MLP related!
  • Mom: But "Dipper goes to Taco Bell" has all you love about fanfictions for half price!
  • (The screen starts shaking)
  • Leila: Mom, do not fool me! That is not "MLP Fanfictions" and that story you just mentioned relates to Gravity Falls! 
  • (The screen stops shaking)
  • Mom: Leila, do not yell across the bookstore! You can either get "Dipper goes to Taco Bell" or you can have nothing at all!
  • (Another person comes in)
  • Leila: Oh, I got an idea. Why not buy me some condoms so you won't have to (bleep) me?
  • Mom: Leila, no bad language!
  • Leila: Go ahead. (Lies down) (Bleep) me here. (Bleep) me right here at the bookstore. (Bleep) me. 
  • Mom: Enough of this, Leila! We are going home right now and you will not get any books!
  • (Mom drives Leila back home)
  • Leila: Please, Mom, I'll behave, just give me another chance.
  • Mom: Too bad. You had already had your chance but you blew it.
  • Leila: Can we at least go back and get "Dipper goes to Taco Bell"?
  • Mom: No way! You are grounded for 324 months! You will go to your room when we get inside the house!

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