• Salli as Leila
  • Kayla As Griselda
  • Julie as Mom
  • Kate As The Teacher


When A Teal topped Witch named Griselda Was A little Girl, In All Of Her Schools, Because She Is Black & The Rest Of The Strudents Were White, No One Ever Gave Her Anything To Eat, So That's Why She Had To Do This.


  • Teacher: Ok Class, I Want To Remind You All About The Big Test You Have In 2 Days, A Means Nothing, B Means A Warning, C Means A Detention, D Means A Suspension And F Means A Devouration By The Principal
  • Leila: Oh No, I Forgot About The Big Test And Did Not Study
  • Teacher: Leila, What's Wrong
  • Leila: I'm Just Worried About The Test
  • Teacher: Do Not Worry, As long as you studied you will be fine
  • Leila: I am screwed
  • (1 Day later)
  • Leila: Tomorrow Is the big test, But I Don't want To Take It, I feel so sick about it, Hold On A Second, Sick, That Gives me a great idea!
  • (The next day)
  • Mom: Leila, it's time to get up and go to school.
  • (In the bathroom)
  • (Leila comes in, slaps her face to make rosy cheeks, practices coffing and sneezing and makes fake vomiting)
  • (in the living room)
  • Mom: What whas that?
  • (Leila comes in)
  • Mom: Leila, what is wrong?, are you feeling ok
  • Leila: I think I am sick, Mommy, you heard me coff and sneeze and vomit.
  • Mom: Let me check your fever.
  • (While nobody was looking, Leila held the thermometer under boiling hot water)
  • Mom: Leila, your fever is 234 degrees. You are so sick today. You must stay home form school today, Get back to bed right now.
  • (Leila goes to bed)
  • Leila: I Can't believe she fell for it, now I am going on the computer. (She watches a funny Sesame street video on YouTube)
  • (10 minutes later)
  • Leila: I think my mom is coming. I better get to bed.
  • Mom: So, Leila, how to you feel?
  • Leila: Not Very Well!
  • Mom: Oh no, you feel even worse, I think I am going to have to keep you home from school tomarrow, I made you soup.
  • Leila: No Thanks.
  • Mom: Okay, Leila, Call Me If You Need Anything. (She leaves)
  • Leila: Ok Mom
  • Leila: That Was Very Close. Now I can go back on the computer (She watch a lion king language video on youtube)
  • (2 hours later)
  • Mom: What The
  • Leila: Uh Oh, I Better Get Back In Bed
  • Mom: I Think You Might Be Lying, Let me check your fever again.
  • Leila: (Kendra) No No No No No No No No No No No No
  • (Mom checks Leila's fever and finds out it is 98.5. The screen turns red and starts shaking)
  • Mom: (Scary Voice) oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh! Leila, you bad girl bad bad bad bad how dare you fake sick!
  • Mom (Normal Voice) You are grounded grounded grounded grounded for 400000 trillion years! i am going to smash your computer

Leila: No, Don't Smash My Computer, I Love It


  • Mom: now lets go to the car, i am driving you to school
  • (At Midnight, Leila Is Locked In A Cage)
  • Leila: It Was A Disaster, When I Got Here, The Teacher Said Ok Class, We Will Do Storytime before we do snack and lunchtime, wait a minute, Leila, I can't believe you did not come to school because you were staying home to get out of doing the test, you will have an after school working in the office and you will do your test during lunchtime, the principal added 10 bonus questions for you to answer, when the test started I was like this will take forever, but to make it not take forever, instead of social studies I wrote all about Disney, marvel, and PBS kids, I also wrote curse words in order for me to get an A for what I wrote, but nothing worked, I got three Fs instead, the teacher called my mom and she was like (voice changes to scary voice) Leila Leila Leila Leila how dare you get 3 fs on your test that's it, you are even more grounded, with nothing made by disney, marvel, and PBS kids forever, go to bed when we get home, (voice changes back) when I did my after school working in the office, the principal said, why did you fake sick, and I was like because I did not want to do the test, and she was like, you did not want to do the test, what happens when you fake sick, and I was like I get after school working in the office and she said you get after school working in the office, do you get in more trouble for faking sick, and I said yes, and she said do you fake sick, no do your work, is playing hooky supposed to come out of your mouth, does it make it better to fake sick, was it a good choice to fake sick because of the test, don't you stop doing work, do it, do we fake sick from this school, do you go to this school, are you aloud to fake sick when you go to this school, no, when the work was done, she said your finished, when she asked for the test, I liked saying that I got an a instead of 3 fs, but when I gave her the test, she learned the truth, she said thats not an a, thats an f, 1, 2, 3, oh my god, are you fucking kidding me right now, why did you tell me you did not get an F when you got 3, why did you lie to me, and I said because I did not want to get in bigger trouble, and she said you did not want to get in bigger trouble does it work when you lie to me, what happens when you get an A, and I said nothing, she said nothing happens, what happens when you get a b, and I said a warning, and she said what happens when you get a c, and I said I get a detention, she said what is the consequence for getting a d, and I said I get a suspension, and she said you get a suspension, what is the consequence for getting an F, and I said a devouration, and she said a devouration, why did you get an F+, and I said because I was writing about Marvel, and she said uh huh why did you get a regular F, and I said because I was writing about PBS kids, and she said uh huh, why did you get an F-, I'm Waiting, You Don't Know What You Wrote, Ok well let's think about it in here, and she locks me in a cage and says why and I said because I was writing about Disney, and then she said my name is griselda, and i am a teal topped witch, and are you fucking kidding me right now, i cannot believe you got 3 fs on your test, bad behavior, bad behavior, i must kill you and eat you for this because that is what wicked witches like to do, they like to eat little boys and girls, and if that is what i like to do that is what i am going to do, when you are locked up in this cage, you will not have any walking breaks or bathroom excuses, which offers you your greatest challenge, to try to escape this trap, then she leaves to kidnap all my classmates, when she got back with them, she forces them to help her fatten me up so she can eat me by feeding me, and doing the house work
  • Griselda: Stick Out Your Finger Right Now
  • Leila: I Do Not Have Any Chicken bones so I have no choice (sticks out her finger)
  • (1 week later)
  • Griselda: Ok You can come out now
  • (The cage is unlocked, leila sadly walks out)
  • Griselda: (casts a spell on Leila And Her entire class) Hocus pocus witch's spell make those students be still, first off why am I casting this spell on you
  • Leila And Her Classmates: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Leila: Because You Want To Eat Us
  • Griselda: Leila, Why Is That
  • Leila and her classmates: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • Leila: Because I got 3 fs
  • Griselda: you got 3 fs last week, that is very unexeptable behavior, you are do what you are told, you were supposed to study and when you are told that playtime is over playtime is over, do you understand what I am telling you, did you study
  • Leila: Nope
  • Griselda: No You Didn't, is that why I am casting this spell on you, I am casting this spell on you because you made bad choices, do you here me, if you make good choices do you end up in the tip of my tongue, did you make good choices or bad choices, you made bad choices, goodbye forever
  • (Griselda puts the Frozen boys in the waffle maker and the Frozen Girls (including Leila) in the soup pot, cooks them, puts the boy waffles on a plate and the girl soups on a bowl and takes out silverware, sets the table, sits down and gets ready to eat them)
  • The End

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