Leon Misbehaves at GameStop is a Custom GoAnimate! episode.


Leon asks mom to get him a Playstation since everybody laughs at him. And when he gets there, he wants an Playstation, but his mom offers him to buy an xBox instead, so he throws a mental breakdown, causing a wreckage in GameStop. He soon got grounded.


  • Leon (Voiced by Alan)
  • Mila (Voiced by Kendra)
  • Linny (Voiced by Kimberly)
  • Tuck (Voiced by Kendra)
  • Ming Ming (Voiced by Julie)
  • Ollie (Voiced by Elizabeth)
  • SuperMalechi (Voiced by Zack)
  • Homer Simpson (Voiced by Wiseguy)


  • Leon: Mom, you completely screwed me again!
  • Mila: What did you mean?
  • Leon: Everyone has a Playstation but me!
  • Mila: Calm down, we will go to GameStop!
  • (at GameStop)
  • Mila: So, what would you like to buy?
  • Leon: This PlayStation.
  • Mila: Leon that costs 99 dollars, I don't have that much.
  • Leon: Mom don't twist to my words again!
  • Mila: Look at this! An xBox! It does everything an Playstation does and haft the price.
  • Leon: Mom, don't offer me to buy everything not an PlayStation! I want a PlayStation now!
  • Mila: Stop acting like a spoiled brat! You can either have the xBox or nothing!
  • Leon: That's it! I am throwing a mental breakdown! (Begins the breakdown, which is a smashing earthquake. The earthquake causes things to fall down. People begins to leave)
  • Linny: Wonder Pets! We better leave before we get hurt!
  • Tuck: Yeah. Let's go!
  • Ming Ming: I don't like earthquakes!
  • Ollie: Me neither!
  • SuperMalechi: We better leave! (he and Homer leave)
  • Homer: Run!
  • (the pieces of GameStop fall on the ground completely)
  • (in the car)
  • Leon: Mom, I am really sorry for what I have done.
  • Mila: Sorry won't work!
  • Leon: Can we please at least go back and get the xBox?
  • Mila: (400% loud voice) No!! (normal voice) You're grounded for 1 week! Go upstairs to your room when we get home!
  • (at home)
  • Leon: I am so sorry. (Goes up to his room) I will never be like that again. (goes to sleep)

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