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White Brians


White Brians

Wiley Wagoner

Name: Wiley Wagoner

Born: August 23, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Paul

Likes: South Park, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad, The Simpsons, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, Looney Tunes, Step by Step, Family Matters, Full House

Hates: Barney, Baby Shows, Dora, The Wiggles

Friends: AaronBrianDrewAndMarioZackCoulden PettitAndrewAdriannaMemy9909Memy24

Enemies: DieselWarren Cook

Wiley wears red glasses.

Leroy Heirbrandt

Name: Leroy Heirbrandt

Born: January 19, 2000

Age: 16

Voice: Diesel

Joaquin Falconë

Name: Joaquin Falconë (aka: hp1997_jf)

Born: October 21, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Simon

Ulysses Armstrong

Name: Ulysses Armstrong (aka Hp1998_ua)

Born: July 5, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Steven

Vermillion Clymer

Name: Alonso Vermillion Clymer

Born: February 29, 2000/February 28

Age: 15

Voice: Brian

Alonso Clymer is a GoAnimate character. He is an older brother from Charles.

Chet McDermott

Name: Chester "Chet" McDermott

Born: December 20, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Brian

Chet McDermott is a GoAnimate character. His sweatshirt is blue instead of red.

Jc Recasner

Name: Jacob "Jc" Recasner

Born: September 4, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Eric

Elroy Stephenson

Name: Elroy Stephenson

Born: November 4, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Joey

Abraham Newbill

Name: Abraham Newbill

Born: August 20, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Professor

Graig Hutchinson

Name: Graig Hutchinson

Born: August 29, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Alan

Luuk Falconë

Name: Luuk Falconë

Born: July 27, 1997

Age: 18

Voice: Lawrence

Luuk Falconë is Joaquin's older brother. The difference between Joaquin and Luuk was that Luuk was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Joaquin was born in Argentina.

Chucky Brock

Name: Chuck "Chucky" Brock

Born: August 4, 1996

Age: 19

Voice: Dallas

Jonathon Adili

Brian (GoAnimate)

Jonathon Adili

Name: Jonathon Adili

Born: February 15, 2000

Age: 15

Voice: David

First Video: Jonathon Breaks Teacher's Leg

Likes: McDonald's, KFC, Taco Bell, Pepsi

Hates: Barney the Purple Dinosaur

Jonathon Adili is a GoAnimate character created by Ecolercomedian99. He has a David voice, but some users mess up Brian by having a David voice. Most users in Brian use his own voice.

Black Brians

Julius Kazeck

Name: Julius Kazeck

Born: July 29, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Kidaroo

Maurice Augmon

Name: Maurice Augmon

Born: December 6, 1999

Age: 16

Voice: Eric

Jonathan Corbin

Name: John Corbin

Born: January 8, 2000

Age: 16

Voice: Zack