Leila's Grounded Series





Original Run:

January 17th, 2008-present


22-23 minutes






Production Company(s)

Gravy Boat Productions

Thunderbird Films (season 1-2)

YTV Productions (season 1-2)

Corus Entertainment (season 1)

1492 Pictures (season 2)

Executive producer(s)

Dan Signer

Leila's Grounded Series is ac Grounded Series with 55 episodes. The episodes were created in 2008 to present. Every episode will have Leila's name in the beginning of the title. The series was created by Dan Signer (The Suite Life on Deck, A.N.T. Farm, Mr. Young). 

Both seasons have 57 episodes.


Season 1 (2008-09)

  1. Leila Gets Grounded Big Time (pilot/first episode)
  2. Leila Gets Sent To Bed Early
  3. Leila Turns Her House Into Taco Bell
  4. Leila Pretends To Be Sick and Gets Grounded
  5. Leila Gets Grounded On Mother's Day
  6. Leila Gets Fat From Taco Bell
  7. Leila Taunts colgatepony234's Door And Gets Grounded
  8. Leila Gets Held Back
  9. Leila Takes A Math Test
  10. Leila Makes Her Team Lose And Gets Grounded
  11. Leila Sells Free Poop Sample
  12. Leila Misbehaves In A Store
  13. Leila Opens A Restaurant And Gets Grounded
  14. Leila Makes An Earthquake And Gets Grounded
  15. Leila Goes To A Party While Grounded
  16. Leila Buys A Horror Movie And Gets Grounded
  17. Leila Changes Her School Name To KFC And Gets Grounded
  18. Leila Destroys The Classroom TV and Gets Grounded
  19. Leila Goes To See A Scary Movie While Grounded
  20. Leila Gets A Job At An Office And Gets Fired
  21. Leila Gets Grounded For A Week
  22. Leila Cusses At The Teacher And Gets Grounded
  23. Leila Gets Arrested
  24. Leila Gets Grounded For Nothing
  25. Leila Makes A Youtube Account And Gets Grounded
  26. Leila Gets Sent To Japan
  27. Leila Gets Blamed At The Bus
  28. Leila Gets Grounded For Life
  29. Leila Haves A Party And Gets Grounded
  30. Leila Makes A Band While Grounded
  31. Leila Goes To A Sleepover Party
  32. Leila's Teacher Trouble
  33. Leila Tries To Hide
  34. Leila Bathes In Maple Syrup And Gets Grounded
  35. Leila Gets A Wii While Grounded
  36. Leila Stars In A Movie And Gets Grounded
  37. Leila Plays On Her Computer While Grounded
  38. Leila Goes To Hollywood And Gets Grounded (2-part episode)
  39. Leila Gets Her Revenge And Gets Grounded
  40. Leila Goes To The Arcade While Grounded
  41. Leila Traps Everyone In Jail And Gets Grounded
  42. Leila Goes To Eric's Birthday Party While Grounded
  43. Leila Gets Plastic Sugery And Gets Grounded
  44. Leila Goes To The Mall While Grounded
  45. Leila Gets Grounded On Birthday
  46. Leila Gets An IPad
  47. Leila Gets Sent To Summer Military Camp
  48. Leila And The Troublemakers Gets Grounded
  49. Leila Sees Terminator 5 While Grounded
  50. Leila Poops In The Cinema And Gets Grounded
  51. Leila Misbehaves At Corner Bakery Cafe
  52. Leila Robs A Store
  53. Leila Goes To A Concert While Grounded
  54. Leila Brings A Video Camera In School
  55. Leila Gets In Dead Meat
  56. in the Future (2-part episode)
  57. leila Changes Her school name to McDonald's and gets grounded

Season 2 (2010-present)